Solitude of the Silver Queens. Digital collage.

in OCD2 years ago

silver queen2aaa.jpg

I think i am back creating again! I spend all of the week making new plans and made some initial artworks as a basis for a new series. Actually not so new because i will be using some parts of my older handcut collages Rise of Homo Mechanicus. It was the series i enjoyed the most making and it included stories and background information for most of the characters. Also i am watching season 3 of the Westworld and i want to do sth with robots more than anything,lol.

solitude of the silver queen neta.jpg

Silver Queen was one of the artworks i did not like much, too much experimenting and overload of information kind of ruined the final result.Kind of sad because it is a large artwork 120/70 cm and spend a lot of time making it. But still some parts could be salvaged with the magic of Photoshop and a few new elements from other artworks of the series, like the two faces. I plan to give it a little motion also and it will be the first artwork i will make at After Effects, exciting times.

silver queen2a.jpg

silver queen2aa.jpg

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