Jerry the Fly, handcut collage.

in OCD2 years ago

Jerry 2.jpg

The third character in my collage series inspired by the the theatrical play at home , at the zoo is Jerry. I wanted to continue with the animal theme and give the character an horse head or a donkey head for a more humorous approach but the producer and also actor who played Jerry had his own vision.Even though i think that the horse head was very much appropriate for the interdependent and proud Jerry we agreed to give him a fly head.

Jerry .jpg

It was indeed on of the characters strongest traits to buzz around Peter's head with ideas and annoy him. Again i based my artwork on the actors photos in black and white and kept yellow as the only color. It is a handcut creation made with scissors, glue and a lot of patience.



Really nice, I like the last one with yellow glasses and the knife :)

Thank you Stef, it is one of my favorites too:)

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