Sunsets and work holidays

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Today the sun dipped a little lower on the horizon...Well, as far as my work from home holiday goes anyway. I'm not sure how I feel about it either as I've really enjoyed my time working from home, not having to drive to the office...Or wear a suit everyday...Or pants in general really. Lol.

I was at the office from 9:30am to 4pm today, essentially to get my new work phone set up with I.T. and all my permissions sorted, after losing my original phone yesterday, but I also had a meeting with a property investor who I'm trying to win as a client. In between those hours I had a constant parade of people through my office catching up with me and a few closed-door meetings where people wanted to raise issues. Welcome back to the office G-dog.

I have every intention of staying away from the office for as long as possible; I've written figures well over my budget for the financial year already and to be honest, other than face to face meetings with my team, there's nothing I can't do from home. Emails, phone calls and working on my CRM (client relationship manager) are easy to do here and if I need to do client-contact meetings I can either drop in and use the boardroom or hit a café as most are open now. Of course, there's always video-conferencing as well.

Restrictions have begun to lift here and at some stage I won't have much excuse to stay home and work although considering my job takes me away from my office for over 60% of the day I think I'll be able to work around the office-recall fairly well. So the sun hasn't quite set completely!

I'm curious what's going on around the place in other countries, so if you happen to read this and have been restricted in some way by the flu-situation please feel free to comment about what your current status is; Is the sun setting on your enforced work from home holiday as well and how do you feel about going back to work at your workplace rather than your home?

Don't get me wrong, I want things to emerge from this difficult time, the economy to restart and people to get back to work but I have to admit that I will really miss the flexibility of working from home. How about you?

Image is mine, taken at the beach near where I live.


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