From this week on, Football will more or less rule our life again!

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Like the tittle says, the agendas are already filled up again with football. For the Americans among us, I do mean that football game which is played with the feet in stead of the hands. You like to call it soccer!

Both our sons do play football. Both at their own level but within the same club! Both are looking forward to the new season, but for us, the parents, this means that we do have to give up lots of time! While we do this with love for the kids it does mean making some sacrifices!


For both the season will also completely different as before. In Belgium the pitch and number of players does increase according to their age.

The youngest one


Let's start with the youngest one. I still doubt it if he does like Football or not. He says he does and let me make it clear that he doesn't have to play football from us. He does need to a sport and we do require that if he does start with a season that he has to finish the season. During the summer break, he told us that he did want to stop playing football and switch to cycling but at the end he decided to continue playing football. Okay for us.

He does play at the lowest level. No problem with that. Every kids should practice any sport at his own level. Too low or too high and the motivation will vaporize!

Last season they did play 5 a side on a quarter of the pitch, this season they will play 8 a side and the pitch will increase to almost the width of a regular football field. Also the ball will increase a size. 8 against 8 does look more than regular football. Some players are freed when moving from 5 to 8, while others (the more physical players) will have more difficulties to adapt.

He is a lot better than he does think, but just doesn't have the real football mindset and probably also does miss some confidence. He could also work at his concentration. I do hope that he does enjoy it this season! He has two practice sessions per week and a game in the weekend. The good thing is that his practice field is next door! Literally!

The oldest one!


For him the real football will start. He does move up from 8 to 8, to 11 a side. Playing on the full pitch! That will be an adjustment. He does play at interstate level, which is also more or less his level. He is more a controlling midfielder or central defender. He just needs to improve in his decision making. Often he does try to most difficult solution which easier solutions are possible!

He adores football and his the right mindset, but he can go berserk when they do loose a game. For sure if he does feel that some of his teammates doesn't give it all! A few seasons ago this did cost him being captain. Which he didn't mind, because he did hate being the captain of the team!

He wont be getting a new coach because the same one of last year does also step over! They do have a well balanced team, but lack some quality on the bench! This could make it a hard season. 11 against 11 on the whole pitch does require a lot from boys who are starting to turn into men! Lots of changes in their body! Physically as mentally!

He does have 3 practices per week (1.5 hours) and a competition game during the weekend. Some of his away game does take an hour drive. When this is the case an away game easily does take 4 to 5 hours of time. Last season this was easier because the did move from the practice ground next door to another location. While will require some extra time from mam and dad!

Physical he is ready for it, measuring 1.64m at the age of 12! Turning 13 next month!

The agenda impact!

As you can reach combined they do have 5 practices per week. And lady luck wasn't at our side. Each practice session in on another week day! So from Monday till Friday we have to take into account one practice session! Luckily I don't feel forced to stay there. So this will be mostly being the cab driver for one and escorting the youngest one to the practice grounds.

To top is up, the oldest one does play his competition games on Saturday, yep you guessed it right, the youngest one on Sunday! So I wasn't joking that football will rule our agenda!

The only thing I do ask from them is that they do give it all they have! I don't care about a good or bad game, I do care if they are willing to run the extra mile for the team or not. If I do ask them after the game if they tried everything they could and the answer is Yes, I am a proud dad. Regardless of the quality of play!

Luckily this season competitions games are allowed again. Which does mean lots of beers for dad :)