Crypto Portfolio overview: September 2021

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The last day of the month, so it is time to write down my portfolio overview. Like almost all month I did set some targets I did want to reach. So let's find out if and how I did reach them!

September goals!

Looks like it did set 4 goals. The most important one was to decrease my fiat investment with 10%. The ultimate goal is to be free rolling on crypto.
I did knock it out of the ball park. I was able to decrease my fiat investment with 48%. So I am getting a lot closer to my ultimate goal.

Another goal was to slowly increase my stake into ETH. The idea was to reach 0.6 ETH. And I also was capable of completing this. I now hold 0.618 ETH. That was increase of 32%. While I won't make it a goal for next month, but still I want to crawl closer to 1 ETH.

The third goal was to have 37500 BFG (Betfury) in my portfolio. The idea is to keep it growing so that I can have a decent daily passive income in 2022. But during the month, I did change the goal from 37500 BFG toward 100K before the year is over. At the moment I do have around 70K BFG, so mission completed for the month but not the year.

The last goal was Hie related. Starting the month with 3440 Hive I did want to pass the 4000 Hive before September was written to the history books. And I now have 4107 HIVE, an increase of 19%.


Portfolio 1.JPG
August was the first month that my virtual profit did have 5 digits and luckily I was able to increase this virtual profit a little bit more. While the overall value of my portfolio only did increase with 1%, the virtual profit did increase with 24%.

This of course because I did decrease the fiat investment a lot. The main focus for next month will be to have the orange line as close as possible to the 0 mark. I won't succeed with this next month, no doubt about it. But it would be great if I can pull this off before 2022.

Also I did say goodbye to Neblio and XLM. Did sell them just on the right time.

Portfolio share!

Last month the top 3 was:

  • BTC: 27%
  • KCS: 20%
  • Hive: 10%

This month the portfolio share pie looks like this!

Share pie.JPG
BTC did drop another 2%, KCS even 5 % but Hive increase 2 %. ETH ends up just besides the podium!

Let's have a more detailed look at some tokens!

SPS (Splinterlands Governance token)

Last month it did have a share of 2.8% as newcomer, but it is climbing the ranks fast. It did climb from position 9 to just within the top 5 with a share of 9%. This due to the conditions of the pre-sale of the Chaos Legend packs. While my holdings did grow with 110%, the overall value did increase with a massive 238%. I do expect that the value will drop in the coming weeks and maybe almost vaporize in November! We will see how that turns out. I will use some of the daily airdrop to increase my holdings and use the rest probably to buy some Chaos Legends packs with a 10% discount.


I wasn't too active on noise and read in the past month, so my holdings didn't increase a lot. Only an increase of 18% in holdings. It would be great if I can have 2 BCH in my wallet before the year is over. I know what I have to do to achieve that!


The main focus in October will be fiat related. Like I did write above the fiat investment has to decrease even further. I don't expect to convert as much as this month to Fiat, but I do hope that it will be set on 0 before the year is over.

Also I will focus on gathering 1ooK BFG.

Maybe also a small increase in ETH and of course Hive. Will be happy with 0.7 ETH and 4250 Hive. I won't use a lot of DEC or SPS to be swapped to Hive, so I also know what to do there!


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