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RE: STEEM: The Disproportionate Power Balance with Downvotes

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Bengy, this is probably one of the most sane and sanguine analyses I have seen about SBI, downvotes and bidbots. I am one of those accounts that took a beating because of having invested SBI so I cashed in. Although I still get downvotes, they have no value. Similarly, I don't understand what precipitates them - and the accounts concerned are just serial downvoters. No posts, no upvotes. Just downvotes.

  • and the accounts concerned are just serial downvoters. No posts, no upvotes. Just downvotes.

What do you think about perhaps requiring an active post as a prerequisite for downvoting (or voting in general). If you have no active posts (less than 7 days old), then you are frozen out of the whole upvote/downvote game.

I like that idea. I wonder if the powers that be, would.

Thanks, I'll keep trying to get their attention.

I think this is still flawed... you can make a post that you have no "attachment" to... and gain the right of entry to up and downvote... and still have no consequence, because people would attack something that you have hold no intrinsic value in.

... or you gain most from "curation", then the loss of a tiny amount of author rewards is just not going to matter one way or another!

Rewards would be incidental, but your rep would potentially be destroyed if you were just being a jerk.

Yes, but Rep is not really a measure of anything here. High rep doesn't mean that much in terms of "trustworthiness" neither does life rep. More importantly, it has no on chain effect.

So in essence, it is not really something that is important to people that would otherwise be anti social anyway!

Being able to force all posts and comments to be hidden if someone's rep dips below (0) is generally considered significant. There are large accounts with high rep that have cashed-out due to downvote harassment (metarzan and fyrestikken and probably others I'm not personally aware of).

Big downvotes will cause people to rage-quit.

Yes, the little ones are annoying but don't mean anything. It is the big ones that are a problem. They try to convince by being aggressive... It is the internet way of doing things!

It is the internet way of doing things

Sigh! Nope it's just the bullying way of doing things. I agree.

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