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RE: The (New) Economics of Self Driving Cars

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I took a class on artificial intelligence when I was in college. It was a fascinating class, but I came away from with a very important realization: artificial intelligence is anything but intelligent. It can only draw upon the input/output programmed into it. Learning AI can also only do so much. Now, if we build an AI that can pass the Turing Test, all bets are off.


How long ago did you take this class, if you don't mind me asking? AI has really come a long way since the last decade. You can research projects such as DeepMind and you'll be blown away with what AI can do today. You can also read some of my articles here on steemit such as part 1 and part 2 of my current series on the future of AI and even this quite interesting one asking if an AI algorithm will win the next AMA.

Admittedly, it was in 2006. So it has been more than a decade. I still stand by my assessment of input/output, though. It's...not nearly as intelligent as you might think.

I see your point and agree with your assessment of my optimism with AI. However, I liken my optimism with AI as a car traveling at 100 mph towards you - it makes no sense debating how long it will take before the car hits you, as it's an almost certainty that it will if you don't take action and get out of the way immediately! If we fail to act now, AI will hit humanity and for the unprepared, just as the impact of a moving car, the consequences might not be good.