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Dude, that was great! I could practically feel the action. I’ll save my anti-war speech. But I will share this is the second Turkish, Ottoman law, brutality story I’ve heard in not even a 6 month time span.

The first was just a few months ago when Pura and I were on a train in Meteora, Greece, we sat next to a Cypress couple. Well, a couple originally from Cypress I should say. They lived in the north when they were younger, where Ottoman rule and Turkish military swept through while commiting horrible acts. You name it—they did it. The worst of the worst crimes. They were forced to fle their homes, leave everything they knew behind and fled to Greece with their families and eventually met each other in Greece, shared the same horrific stories, etc. North Cypress is still occupied by Turks, though the couple we rode on the train that day with families still possess the paperwork on their homes, they’re occupied by Turkish residents and they’ve never been allowed to return.

Great write up, @galenkp.


I think the Turks on the Gallipoli Peninsular were just trying to defend their homeland and that the ANZACS would have done the same. It was war...Of course, atrocities happen in war.

The situation you describe is pretty poor though. I'll be honest I don't know much about it so might have to investigate the situation you speak of.

Thanks for commenting as always.

I wasn’t aware either until that train ride.

I think that's one of the best things about travelling...What one learns from unexpected sources along the way.

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