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RE: OCD's stance on cross-posting and news about empowering niche communities

in OCD3 years ago

Just when I was thinking of cross-posting into OCD a guide I made a long time ago for the new users ;)

Are these rules for curation only or are they also for moderation? Because I don't mind if I don't get curated as long as I get to share my guide.


If the guide is still relevant then why not, but maybe ask someone else to cross-post it for you instead. :)

Good question though, I think for curation mainly but if it gets spammy we might have to use the mute future.

BTW, I have a semi-urgent request.

I don't know if you've noticed, but the third post on the front page is by an anti-vaxxer promoting that idea. I made a comment where I copied and pasted a bunch of data I curated that partially contradicts that narrative.

I think it's dangerous to leave the data on its own, unchallenged, so if you could check out my comment, and if you agree with what I've said, I would appreciate if you voted around 0.1 STU to take it to the top, above the other anti-vaxxers in their echo-chamber.

I would do it myself but my vote is worth only half of what's necessary.

I shared it further, maybe someone with the time can read it through properly and curate. :)

I actually just got a biggish curation vote from a likeminded person, so I don't think this will be necessary unless a little whale passes by and upvotes some more antivaxx in the comments section.

Thanks, though! Let's hope my comments help people find proper education instead of relying on myths and populism!

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