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RE: I'm done with my website!

in OCDlast year (edited)

The website looks pretty but what actually caught my eyes was your picture ( i believe that is you). You are as pretty as your paintings and I have come to admire your art so much. They feel like they are trying to tell a story and a get deep dark vibes from your paintings. I would love to visit your website to see more from you.

P.s I clicked the bitch dont click tab and honestly it was pretty hot.
You seem to be a free soul.


Thank you!! Yeah that was me. And lol yeah I love that page, makes me go free with whatever I want to put there without having to worry about what clients think of me (since there's a warning to Don't Click lol). Thank you for visiting and appreciating my art. :)

I wish you a lot of success for your website. I hope you get a lot of clients that will pay a lot of money. I just loved the way . No wonder you are such a good artist because you are a free soul.