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They are doing community work, healing work
Their work is lacking appreciation, right definition
They devoted their life to humanitarian work, community work
But things are different, so pathetic and different.

Many are not seeing the life's worth, looking for no worth
Worthless times, inorganic times
People are turning into negative machines, fighting machines
People are loving division, destruction.

They are chasing people to hurt them, to ruin them
This is the current picture, sad picture
Don't try to compare, there is nothing to compare
Situation is worsening, happiness is declining.

They are ready to do anything, learning about anything
These lessons are inhuman, this path is inhuman
They don't want to hear about it, they don't want to know about it
Prophetic, pathetic.

giphy (76).gif

"This is my original and imaginative work".

(Pictures are edited and used from the Canva application).

Chiranjeevi Sarikonda


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