Pick a project and delegate just 10 SP , Tron just Undelegated all Steem dapps

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A new chapter in the war between Tron and Steem users has begun. For months, the future of the platform has been disputed between Justin Sun's company and the witnesses who, together with the Steem users, were able to counteract a hostile takeover measure by several exchanges.

All of us who have been at Steem for some time now know that the Dapps have been a fundamental part of the ecosystem as well as an open door to programmers who want to add value to the blockchain. From the beginning Steemit.inc has supported these initiatives through delegations (which would come as Steem power on loan) that were renewed every year according to the progress made by each project.

With the arrival of Tron to the game, it is presumed that the company has taken out the delegations that were giving on behalf of @mrdelegation to more than a dozen projects that were living on the platform.


As you can imagine this is a hard blow for creators and developers as several of these projects reward creators who support Steem as well as for other projects that help the community filter content and improve it as @steemcleaners.

We need to give support to every person and team that wants to develop projects on Steem. The reason? because besides doing an excellent job motivating users, they are also a support for more investors to enter Steem. Although there is no time for regrets, today I publish because I want to summon those users who have used in one way or another one of these projects and that they can delegate a minimum or symbolic amount of their SP as a sign of support to this type of initiatives.

Here I leave you a list of the affected projects as well as a small review of their work as well as a tool to delegate quickly and without headaches.

Steem delegation tool



Projects on Steem

  • @fundition: It is a crownfunding platform where users can publish their projects and receive donations to start them up, many users in Latin America have successful projects on the platform in addition to fundition has a support program for those projects and voted weekly with the SP delegated by Steemit.inc.

  • @steempress-io: is a plugin developed by @fredikka and @howo that allows blogs or websites that use wordpress to synchronize with the blockchain of steem and thus publish their entries in it automatically, the steempress account also towards the work of helping users voting the most prominent content.

  • @steemcleaners: is a team of several users who are responsible for filtering content and users while maintaining the quality of publications and allowing not to comment on abuses such as copy paste or spam in the accounts.

  • @dtube: It's an uncensored video platform that allows users to share videos, similar to youtube but with the features of Steem

  • @tasteem: It is a team of curators specialized in voting post of users who publish reviews of restaurants as well as culinary post in general

  • @busy.pay is one of the accounts that is in charge of voting the content of the Busy.org platform that has been one of the most used steem frontends so far.

  • @esteemapp: is one of the mobile applications for steem that allows to visualize and to make post or commentaries in addition the team also vote the posts that are made from their platform.

Those are some of the projects, the rest I left in the list above, now it's your turn to collaborate and somehow invest in the projects that steem users put on the network, remember that any measure beneficial to steem in general is beneficial to all users in the long term so delegate what you can!

Thanks for stopping by!


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