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Sometimes the mundane activities in the most unremarkable places, can become kind of poetic when frozen on photograph in the right moment. Even the construction of another boring shopping mall at the edge of the city, already saturated with similar shops, can have a moment or two like that.
IMG_3784 malo.jpg
Like this working man in the sky, high among the birds, transcending the ordinary construction site.
IMG_3785 malo.jpg
Followed by two shots filled with birds, machinery and clear absence of humans.
IMG_3786 malo.jpg
Flocks of seagulls are overlooking the fast - growing supermarket, all those crawling creatures ...
IMG_4981 malo.jpg
... and their strange, noisy machines.
IMG_4984 malo.jpg
There is also the man on the roof ...
IMG_3792 malo.jpg
... and the flat still - walking humanoid trapped in his square world on a pole.
IMG_3796 malo.jpg
And here is another lovely crane ... I mean, on the following photograph, the vertical one.
IMG_5630 samoMALO.jpg
A month or so after these pictures ...
IMG_6527 malo.jpg
... the new shopping center was almost over ...
P1920779 malo.jpg
... and someone left this lovely umbrella in the new parking garage in the cellar...
IMG_6364 malo.jpg
... at the edge of the city. But not all the areas around the old town look like this ...
IMG_3227 malo.jpg
... on the opposite side of the city, the sea is the border.
IMG_3232 malo.jpg
Here the urban area ends abruptly ... and definitely ...
IMG_3224 malo.jpg
... with some large hotels ...
IMG_3233 malo.jpg
... and this interesting example of coastal art ...
IMG_3236 malo.jpg
... angry face waiting for another high tide.
IMG_3245 malo.jpg
While walking along this scenic seaside promenade ... you can even see a whale ...
IMG_3241 malo.jpg
... in the distance ... jumping out of the dark sea of pines.
IMG_3240 malo.jpg
For now is stuck on that building ... but maybe, one day ... the great marine creature will jump high enough to reach the sky ... and freedom.
IMG_3243 malo.jpg
This seaside part of the city hasn't changed much in the last decades ...
IMG_3750 malo.jpg
... but other suburban areas ...
IMG_3749 malo.jpg
... are seemingly ...
IMG_3741 malo.jpg
... permanently under construction.
IMG_3815 malo.jpg
In many of these places ...
IMG_3780 malo.jpg
... among the typical public housing ...
IMG_4977 malo.jpg
... that all look like some copy - paste constructions ...
IMG_3727 malo.jpg
... you can always find some, much smaller, oddities ... with small patches of unorganized, disheveled vegetation ...
IMG_3764 malo.jpg
... or old houses with colorful gardens ...
IMG_3760 malo.jpg
... in this case a lion is guarding the isolated little world ...
IMG_3766 malo.jpg
... with refreshing breath of some different times and lifestyles.
IMG_3761 malo.jpg
He, he ... from this angle looks a lot like the lion from the Merry Old Land of Oz ... pretty scared and lost ...
IMG_3731 malo.jpg
... among the faceless apartment buildings ...
IMG_3735 malo.jpg
... with no gardens ...
IMG_3734 malo.jpg
... no fruits or flowers ... no hidden angles in the shade of some tree.
DSC07608 malo.jpg
But even on this boring apartment buildings ...
IMG_7564 malo.jpg
... especially when they get older ...
IMG_7565 malo.jpg
... you can see little sprouts of individuality ...
IMG_7566 malo.jpg
... on the balconies.
IMG_7568 malo.jpg
And everything looks much better on the sunny afternoon ... like the one on this photograph.
IMG_2963 malo.jpg
Here are the windows on the large building in a similar neighborhood ...
IMG_2964 malo.jpg
... I like the little details that are able to disrupt these boring urban patterns ... like this colorful little clothesline ...
IMG_2960 malo.jpg
... and these seagulls passing by.
IMG_3779 malo.jpg
Here a man working on the facade ...
IMG_3775 malo.jpg
... brings a bit of life and action ...
IMG_3778 malo.jpg
... in the usually uninteresting suburban scenery.
IMG_3754 malo.jpg
Here is the nearby tree ... is late autumn ... and you can see one leaf falling.
IMG_2965 malo.jpg
On this shot, taken in springtime from inside the car, the nice morning sunlight through my dusty windshield is giving a bit of warmth and atmosphere to another faceless, boring example of suburban architecture.
Here is a shot taken inside one of the shopping malls in that area, a summer selfie, with me in one of the many mirrors there.
IMG_5253 malo.jpg
Some shiny, mirror - covered buildings, mostly banks and insurance companies, have their moments of magic early in the morning ...
IMG_4549 malo.jpg
... or on the gloomy day with dramatic clouds ... on these occasions they can look pretty cool. On the following series of photographs ...
IMG_4551 malo.jpg
... is a little virtual walk through that area ...
IMG_4960 malo.jpg
... among these mirrors and cubicles ...
IMG_4952 malo.jpg
... a very ordinary look ...
IMG_4951 malo.jpg
... from a very ordinary ...
IMG_4953 malo.jpg
... pedestrian prospective.
IMG_3725 malo.jpg
Here is another shiny building.
IMG_3726 malo.jpg
I really like the blue of these windows.
IMG_3743 malo.jpg
This large advert also looked pretty cool to me ... that's why this shot is here.
IMG_3745 malo.jpg
At one point the car appeared ... and the wind deformed the face on the advert ... changing the scene ... so I had to include this shot too.
IMG_3739 malo.jpg
There is an automatic car wash nearby ...
IMG_3748 malo.jpg
... that also deserves ...
IMG_3747 malo.jpg
... to be in the post ... I think.
IMG_6121 malo.jpg
Here is another car wash of the same type ... in another part of the city.
IMG_7222 malo.jpg
Here is a large building that once was a part of the military complex ... and now is some kind of art center, with many different creative comunities from all fields ... music, theater, visual arts of all sorts ...
IMG_7213 malo.jpg
... and a lot of skateboarding.
IMG_7218 malo.jpg
I like to photograph people in action ... especially in cool places.
IMG_0250 malo.jpg
Here is a little detail of some appropriate art on that building.
IMG_5646 malo.jpg
Here is a seagull, resting in that area.
IMG_3752 malo.jpg
Here is a storage area far from there, but also at the outskirts of the city. On the following three pictures ...
IMG_0231 malo.jpg
... are tree similar details ...
IMG_0261 malo.jpg
... from three very different parts of suburbia ...
IMG_0263 malo.jpg
... distant from each other.
IMG_4973 malo.jpg
Here is a wider look at one of those areas.
IMG_4976 malo.jpg
Here you can see the same things a bit more up close.
IMG_4963 malo.jpg
A wider look at some different area. On the following picture ...
IMG_4964 malo.jpg
... the same place ... just across the wall in the right corner of the antecedent photograph.
IMG_4966 malo.jpg
Here is the same street ... with the vehicle passing by.
IMG_5255 malo.jpg
Another detail from that neighborhood.
IMG_5257 malo.jpg
A view from that place.
IMG_4958 malo.jpg
A view from another place ... not far from there.
IMG_2869 malo.jpg
Another look at the mostly blue suburban sky.
IMG_3736 malo.jpg
Another relatively new neighborhood ...
IMG_3738 malo.jpg
... with the family passing by ...
DSC07609 malo.jpg
... on their way towards the rosy future ... in the spreading suburbia ... and now ...
... with this closing GIF of the working crane ... on another active construction site ... is time to end this little walk through the outskirts of town ... as always in these posts on Steemit, all the photographs are made by me.
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Oh look , my hometown :-) :D hihihi

You showed us an unusual facet of Istra.
Maybe this is the true face of the city. The one we can't see in the tourist brochures.

True, this is the everyday atmosphere for the major part of the year. Work, shopping, driving from here to there ... then for two months in Summer construction stops, a colorful crowd of tourists enters the scene and both, the life & the business look different and more optimistic.

" then for two months in Summer..."

It is surely the best time of the year.

Definitely :)

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Thank you ! :)

Lots of construction. Where are all the people though?

I don't know :) Maybe somewhere in those finished buildings ... or crawling around shopping malls in search of opportunities ... very rarely I see people in those parts of the city ... maybe only some shy introverts are living there. Strange world :D

Yeah good for clean open shots. Here i have crowds of people all over the place lol.


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