Conventional education system obstructs the national progression in India

in OCD4 years ago


An inconsistency in social management is weakening us day by day. As a result, we are lagging far behind in global excellence. This flawed stagnation is accelerating our backwardness. I am talking about the Indian education system in particular. Introducing and evolving, we are becoming more and more attached to the conventional learning thinking and methods that hinder our creative development and we fail to acquire skills.

In other countries where children have the opportunity to get the education they want, the children of our country are shocked by the social respect. Parents are more willing to make their children doctors or engineers. Because then their establishment and respect in society increases. They do not think that their own children. In any case, they are interested and in any case, their mental development can happen smoothly.

Thousands of Indian boys and girls are studying against their will, forcing them to pay the price of their parents' wishes.

A boy's dream is to be a photographer. He is talented enough. In a non-professional camera, he captures some images that are really admirable. In this field, he can create the possibility of doing something innovative. Forcing that boy to read about a doctor or an engineer.

As a result, he is not able to do anything good where his talent is not able to do anything. So he is slowing down society by floating in the conventional flow.

But we have to get out of this mindset and build a skilled education system like other countries in the world. Not only a good number based education is never effective in doing something progressive but we have to focus on efficient and creative education and build its beautiful infrastructure.

And only then will the country move forward. We as a nation will become progressive and technologically efficient.

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