Apple Glass .. revolutionizing AR ?

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There seem to be a lot of claimed "leaked info" regarding Apple Glass which so far after reading it seems to be pretty impressive. With claimed price of going around $499 this would surely be one of the next big thing for the tech industry.

I've tried Google Glass a few years ago and unfortunately it didn't really met the basic usability of what we expect. And Google actually stop much development on it and then it went on its own to further develop it.

But Apple Glass ???

With the availability of having prescription glasses, it would be really practical and also it will not make you look weird.

By the looks of things, once these gets out, it would surely change how the industry for AR would work and it would really bring games like the Pokemon Go into a whole new different level.

Excited to see more "official" announcement on it and more leak videos I guess. Typical of Apple to hype things up pre-marketing before actually announcing it.


just have to wait for it to come out first i guess

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