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RE: The new normal that I detest

in OCD4 years ago

Nice to see you back i was getting a little worried about you this is certainly not the way we want to be living it's definitely not normal but as you said we can't get to relaxed just yet.

Stay safe and take care good to know you are ok :)


Yesss, I'm back! I was amused with myself that I survived about a month of not posting when I used to think about posting every day. 😄

How about you? How have you been?

That is unbelievable and again now i have noticed you haven't posted for about 10 days what are you doing to keep yourself away the reason i am still posting is that we haven't resumed full time work yet but that could all change in a couple of weeks and i really hope so i need some money coming back in again.

Sorry for the late reply i don't seem to be here on Steem as much as Hive everyone seems to have gone it's only you and me here i

Hope all is well with you stay safe and take care and thank you for your always generous upvotes they are very much appreciated :))

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