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In this lockdown period, Netflix has become almost part of my daily routine. If I start watching a TV series I get addicted to it and I never stop until the TV series is complete. I guess this is normal and most of the people have this problem. But I really wanted to get rid of this. Last week I completed watching Better Call Saul. I couldn't restrict myself from watching every single day. The problem is not with watching. The problem is with the time I spend watching. I almost spend more than 5 hours or even 8 to 12 hours during weekends on Netflix. This is not a great right.



Already the problem we have during lockdown is that we are not moving out or doing any physical activity. Netflix is making my life even difficult. Sometimes I even think that we are paying for the subscription and why not make the fullest use of it. If I start watching one series, it goes on and on and when the series ends, that is when I find out how much time I would have wasted watching the series back and forth. I then stop myself for the next two or 3 days and it continues again.

This time I'm going to go for one week without Netflix. And I have also made up my mind that even if I watch something it should be a small movie or a small video kind of thing and definitely not a series. When it comes to series, it mostly becomes a never-ending process. But when it is just movies I might hardly spend two or 3 hours on that and that's all. I'm not saying it is bad but too much of something is definitely not good. Sometimes I even feel that if I had used that time on something else, I would have got so much productivity out of myself.



On another note, there are so many interesting things on Netflix and if we start watching something it goes on and on and we might never be able to get satisfaction at all. After the lockdown, I have watched and completed the following TV series.

  • Money Heist
  • Locked Up
  • Better Call Saul
  • Night on Earth
  • Our Planet

Other than the above I have also been watching lots of movies with my wife and even alone sometimes. The first main reason for this is an addiction which I'm not going to lie and next is that we don't have anything else to do now as we are locked down inside the house. One good entertainment that we can have here is watching TV. Not just Netflix, I have also been watching so many things on Amazon prime as well.

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