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This was an incredibly well written post, @galenkp. It brings me a new level of humility, having been endeared with the use of, cobber. My utmost appreciation, for that. What a powerful citation of a battle. The anvil on which the nations spirit, was forged.

The poem by Wilfred, is one of those sad things, that reminds me of the truth in all of war. War is not glorious. War is brutally tragic. Thank you for showcasing this. I'm glad that I had the chance to read it.


Hey mate, you're welcome. I like to showcase my older work although added about 600 words to the original for this post. I'm glad you found some value.

There is always value somewhere in your posts.. it's usually not very hard to find. When it takes a little digging, I still know it's there, somewhere... the value that is.. though, that does kind of ruin the surprise, at least in that aspect. Now, if you were to post something of no value at all, I would be surprised, which could be valuable... therefore, your hands are tied, it is truly impossible to do something of no value... and that, cobber, is invaluable.. I think.. that I'm gonna get some rest... after rereading this.. I'll still post it though, for your reading pleasure. ;P

Thanks mate, I appreciate you saying so. I don't know if everything I write has value, bit I try to send a message in most posts, and I guess the way I post, the effort I go to, passion I inject...Well, maybe that has a message for some...Even if it's just a good example.

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