Featured Monster: Exploding Dwarf in Equalizer Battle

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Use of Exploding Dwarf in Equalizer Battle

Towards the end of the season I had an interesting battle @splinterlands. It was with the new Equalizer rule. When all monsters get the health of the highest base health of the monster in either teams.


Exploding Dwarf is a common fire monsters with formidable attack stat and speed, but it normally has just 1 health point. So typically one attack and it is done. Even at that, user must make sure that it must attack first. So typically something to slow the opponent is required. Like Goblin Shaman or Creeping Ooze or something with the 'Slow' ability. In Equalizer Rule though, Dwarf is basically invincible with additional health.

I do not have Exploding Dwarf maxed, but I have it at Level 9, which is adequate, as it possess all abilities at Level 9 as you can see from the stat below.


As you can see from the lineup that it is a Fire vs. Dragon splinter battle. Dragon usually is much more flexible and a preferred option. But not in this case though.


The most interesting thing about this battle is how The Exploding Dwarf literally obliterated the opponent team with massive melee damage and explosion ability. Even without a healer, I had no problem with a comfortable win.


Battle Link


haha useful strategy actually many people don't even read the rule. and yes Equalizer is great rule that i like.

if you don't read the rule, you will get toast in higher leagues

Yes that is one of my favourite card for equaliser setup. I made some article about the equaliser setup in general in case you are interested: https://steemit.com/spt/@fabm/splinterland-strategy-the-equalizer-madness

Exploding Dwarf is a really good card in Equalizer Battle

True. This monster simply bulldozes under this rule.

Yeah, I think under this rule Exploding Dwarf is practically invincible. I can't think of a way to potentially neutralizing it.

yes, overpowered would be an understatement

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