The state of Steem in the eyes of BTC Maximalists in Berlin, Germany

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Steem is an altcoin. Some even might call it a shitcoin. In fact, it could be considered a shitcoin: Our ATH happened more than two years ago and since then, the price plummeted to normal levels around $1, which is what it was sold for before the Crypto bonanza of December 2017/January 2018; a year later, the price began to falter and in a matter of months, we saw it go down from 80 cents to 12 cents. Now we are flirting with stabilizing it at 20 cents.

Some could consider it a Shitcoin, I don't at all, but if any, it is my shitcoin, it is our shitcoin.

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The first wall you look at when you go in the bar, from left to right:

Never mind the Bollocks, here's the Blockchain.

Even if you're not doing anything wrong, you are being watched and recorded. - Edward Snowden

Wikileaks is designed to make capitalism more free and ethical. - Jualian Assange

I wanted to empower people to make choices in their lives and have privacy and anonimity. - Ross Ulbricht

Information is power, but like all power, there are those who want to keep it for themselves. - Aaron Swartz

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I arrived in Berlin 10 days ago and, the first thursday I was here, I attended one of the biggest BTC Meet ups in the city which happens once a month. It's located in a bar in one of the party neighbourhoods of Berlin: Kreuzberg.

I went to this meeting just looking to make new contacts, get a grasp of the crypto environment of the so called syllicon valley of Europe, perhaps make some friends and most importantly, to check out if people knew about Steem and what their opinion was about our Blockchain, DPoS, our economic model and overall, the Coin.

I got there early, I wanted to get a glimpse of everyone who arrived, in fact I was one hour early and the first there. I didn't mention anything to anyone or mentioned the purpose of my visit, I was mainly aiming to listen.

But once the first customer/member of the cult that is Bitcoin sat at the bar, he began a conversation with me. He was a mathemathician, full stack developer and early miner. He was as curious as you could imagine someone with those three characteristics.could be. Socially awkward, with a mind going 1k clicks per minute and you guessed it right, an altcoin lover, but not openly. He wanted to code a blockchain and create an altcoin to solve math problems while producing blocks, he went through the details with me and, despite me thinking it would be a useless chain with no market value for a coin on top of it, he didn't care, he has too much money to care about it.

He knew about Steem though, He hadn't heard about it for years, but since the Twitter bonanza que are experiencing right now thanks to Justin Sun, CZ from Binance, the small exchanges and the Stake war everyone is involved in to protect the Blockchain by voting for the Real Witnesses¨.

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More people kept arriving and I was able to speak to several of them, from BTC maximalists to crypto curious people who attended to be convinced about Blockchain and why it will change the world - if it hasn't already.

Overall, I have one conclusion, and then one advice for the Steem Community:

BTC maximalists didn't know about Steem until a few weeks ago. If they did, they hadn't heard about it since the ATH or even before that, when the chain was launched by Dan Larimer and Nedshair. 99% of the people I met didn't care about Steem until it started to be featured in every Crypto website and how DPoS was being tested to the core.

Steem is trending everywhere, and that is thanks to us, thanks to you. For defending the chain on Twitter, for speaking up against the Hostile takeover we are experiencing here. BTC maximalists are looking over our coin and some of them are buying - I even convinced a few to do it in front of me after explaining them what is going on and how we are defending out Chain like the honey badger of Blockchains we are.

We are changing the way people look at Steem. DPoS may be flawed, but we are making sure it holds on and doesn't get fully proved pointless. We are proving the crypto space that Steem doesn't deserve to be on the place it is on CMC. BTC maximalists, despite being full on Bitcoin, are following closely how this chapter of Crypto - that will indeed set precedent for a lot of events in the future and will mark a before and after.

So, let's keep pushing back. Let's keep being the Honey Badger of Blockchains. Let's keep protecting the blockchain, DPoS, decentralization and most importantly, let's prove the crypto space that you can buy a coin, but you will never buy a community.


Even Bitcoin Maximalists detest centralization. Justin Sun is quickly being show to have the desire to take over the a blockchain at all costs. The fact that many feel Tron is highly centralized does not help his reputation.

It is interesting to see how they news is filtering through and they are picking up on it.

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I guess that's exactly what is bringing so much attention to Steem, the fact that we're fighting to the teeth for decentralization, and we're probably the only project/blockchain out there resisting to big wallets.

In general, all the people that I spoke with, are cheering up for Steem and are paying attention to the outcome, hopefully if we win, it will bring a lot of investors to put in some money wherever the community ends up.

I wonder if the fact it is Sun has anything to do with the feelings you are encountering. I agree it will bring in money after this is all done.

Sun does not have the best of reputations throughout the industry.

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Encouraging post.

It’s great to know we are getting major publicity from this painful ordeal, and I agree it has increased interest in governance on the blockchain.

. If only a Bitcoin whale would buy Justin’s Stake OTC and help us out by funding development in hopes of maximizing his gain!

The ability of this coin to 10x or 100x is real based on where we have been, along with its graphene backbone, large number of dApps and active community and development.


Agree that we are getting great publicity. In one meeting Justin Sun was asked if he would give a portion of his stake for liberation of the majority of his stake. Has that been explored as a win win?

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My interest is that Steem has a functional social utility attached to it for just about anyone; unlike, say XRP--which utility, that there is any--is solely for the bankers. I also think and thought so right from my first stumbling upon this site that it has the potential to solve mass-system wide income issues for the masses in the future. Of course, there are those at the top of the real world pyramid who don't like the idea of common people getting paid for clicking on the internet--in that regard, they are malevolent fools! Although I do get that providing a basin income via avenues like Steemit also entails a lot of bs as we are dealing with human minds here which are often enough quite insane!

... defending our Chain like the honey badger of Blockchains we are.

It has been pretty wild to see people mobilize and get their shit together with voting.

... DPoS may be flawed ...

The more I think about it -- most peoples arguments regarding a "flaw", is kind of what a lot of people here see as a "feature". The reason we were able to mobilize and defend was because of the flexibility that DPoS allows. Reading your post after having recently read @blocktrades recounting of how DPoS was created -- I'm inclined to agree with the "feature" side of things.

I don't recall the number atm but we are at a 35%+ of users involved in governance, that's more than double of what it used to be before this all happened. Pretty sick numbers if you ask me.

I love how this is written. From someone not having a care to someone grateful that you keep pushing.

It's great to be able to read this! we have always tried to call attention and a lot of promotion, although this type of promotion is not what we want since some people think that what is currently happening in the steem chain is bullshit and in reality if it is bullshit, we should see the positive side of this war! we finally managed to capture the attention of many people around the world and I hope that after all this happens and things return to normal in the steem ecosystem, the coin will not bleed out but on the contrary take more strength to continue ascending

I love everything about this post. Nice reporting, and sounds like a fabulous night!

I am with Katrina-Arielon this one ❤ Hi btw -- long-time no see 😊🙏

This is good news. I've been saving up and strategizing to find the time and financial footing to participate on Steemit on a regular basis again, as I used to, because I love and believe in the community. Regardless of my level of participation, I feel fiercely loyal and am glad to hear this!

That’s super @bennettitalia! It’s really good to have you here on the Steem Blockchain! 🙂

As a little pointer... “Steemit” is currently defunct in that we as the Steem community do not recognize its relevance in good standing... from the exact moment Steemit pasted into the hands of Justin Sun and Trons ownership.

So yeah! I just wanted to make the friendly distinction that “Steemit” is not the Steem Blockchain... and seeing as this entity is no longer acting in the best interest of the Steem Blockchain we the community have chosen to side step the use of that specific portal to the Steem Blockchain.

Steem Peak and Busy are 2 very good alternatives for viewing and making use of the Steem Blockchain rather than the centralized Tron owned SteemIt platform.

I am really grateful and thankful to become an owner of shitcoin... I am really proud about...

This is no “shitcoin” no matter what people say. I really wish that people wouldn’t brand it that way! I think that the Steem Blockchain is going to be the new gold standard for the future of social media... in time! This is our turf and the Steem Blockchain is worth defending! #HoneyBadger

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Since the steemit. Inc never bothered much with the marketing of steem looks like we have to make it. Like u did now.
So i just hope many of us will follow your example.

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