Art and Creativity: I Have to Stay in the House, Anyway!

in OCD3 years ago

I suppose if there is a plus to the whole COVID-19 thing, it is that we're forced to stay home with what I'm sure many would describe as "nothing to do."

As someone who's both a writer and an artist who likes to create handmade things, the extra time actually feels like a bonus.


I'm not trying to make light of a very serious situation... however, we do have a choice between sitting in front of the computer or TV, getting whipped into a frenzy of fear and anxiety... or simply sitting down peacefully and making the most of a bad situation.

I'm choosing the latter... because it's just a more attractive option!

What are YOU doing with your time? If you're an artist or other creative, are you using the home-time for creative endeavors?


Because I am trying to make some semblance of income — a living, even — I now add this footer to all my posts, in the hope that someone, somewhere, might decide to take a further look at my work, and perhaps consider supporting independent art.

Thank you, in advance, for your consideration and support!

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Thank you for supporting independent art!

2020.03.22 AS-TXT-x001


Those are really Nice, I would like to have seen a progressive view on completion but bravo.

Thank you!

I don't do a lot of sequentials, because the process... from cleaning, to painting, to each color drying, to the end dried stones, to varnishing happens over a period of 4-6 days. I've been considering some sort of timelapse, but it seems like a lot of effort.

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