Cycling in the Sun

in OCD2 years ago

At first there were blue skies....

And fields full of grapes....


And then the Sun started to set.....


And the current path no longer made sense...

I do long for a day out cycling in the sunshine again - one day...

Enjoy your stay home Saturday,



I've been out and about on the scooters with the kids!

Good man!

Bit of a scroll to reach this comment today!

Great post!

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Looks like things are going to heat up again on chain and off. I hope you were able to stock pile your beer, and are able to ration yourself so you don't run out. The real world virus is the pits, but so is some peoples actions on line. Enjoy the weekend if you are allowed.

great trip are both looking cute and photography outclass

I'm trying to understand the new fork here. Are people posting on Steem and Hive for double rewards, or posts duplicating on both chains?

The former. Whatever you post on Hive won't show up here on Steem, unless you do it on purpose :)

Thanks. I've been having issues this morning getting anything on the Steem chain, boooooo.

Add bernie's comments, so there's a pain in the ass with scrolling hahah

Yeah, some might say he's trying to make Steemi as awkward as possible to navigate :)

Haha yaaahhh. I'm not complaining tho. What he's doing now is effective :D

Sunny boy seems to have fked with the wrong community :)

Hola @abh12345 ,hermosas fotos como quisiera estar al aire libre como ustedes y sin tener que usar tapa boca ....que lindos viñedos ...espero esto pase pronto y poder ser libre de respirar en la naturaleza...un abrazo virtual ...Esperemos todo pase rápido esto de la endemia y mientras seguir en casa ...para volver a ver el sol resplandecer.....en el nombre de Dios.

Hello @ abh12345, beautiful photos as I would like to be outdoors like you and without having to wear a mouth cap .... what beautiful vineyards ... I hope this happens soon and I can be free to breathe in nature ... a virtual hug ... Let's hope everything happens quickly this endemic and while we continue at home ... to see the sun shine again ..... in the name of God.

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