Hello Cafe Julita ! A Mural Project

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Hello everyone, I just want to show this huge mural project of mine earlier this year for CAFE Julita, a coffee shop in Mendez, Cavite.


Photo grabbed from CAFE Julita's facebook page

I was commissioned to paint some murals in and outside the cafe.


The first mural is supposed to be an Instagrammable part of the place. It must look like vines of flowers on the red wall. The owner wanted a refreshing touch for her cafe and was also engaging. When I went there for an ocular visit, I am amazed by how good the place is.

The planned sketch looks like this :

SketchFinal Result

I used latex paint to color the wall with flowers and vines. And it took me 4 working days. This is the first time I painted a mural of this kind, with flowers, and vines. It was challenging because aside from the height of the wall canvas, I have trouble painting florals. I mostly paint doodles and buildings, sunsets, and landscapes but not with detailed florals. So I did use some references to make this painting appealing. Thank goodness I pirated a friend to help me fill the other parts of the painting.

Here's what it looks like now:
Photo Grabbed from Mariel Riña's Facebook Page


For the second mural I created this sketch and evolved it into a much family-touched mural:


The final sketch is a simple line art portrait of Ms Julita, the mother of the owner. Ms Julita is a very nice and kind lady. She always greet the place's visitors with smile and elegance. She also seems very joyful.


So here's the final mural and some details:




This one is more like a wall decoration, the base is made of metal so I have to use enamel paint. The script used in this artwork is called Baybayin, which is one of the ancient Filipino writing system. The artwork says "Walang Humpay Na Pasasalamat".



This is a witty artwork since it also serves as a menu board for the cafe. I used black latex paint for the background and white and brown acrylic paint for the details of the coffee and words.




Aside from the wall paintings, I also created some of the wood signs for the resort and cafe.

So these boards are one of the fun things to paint, they are smaller than the first murals, and most of them are signage.

These are a little bit tricky since most of the designs are letterings which is my weakness. But painting on the wood is enjoyable. I used white acrylic and latex paint to draw the details and added some garnish using different colors of acrylic paint. For the metal sign board I used enamel paint over a spray painted material. I spray painted the metal board to act as a primer. I really hope it would last, but if not, I will be happy to retouch the signages


And this one is a big signage. It is located at the entrance of L&J Country Estate to where Cafe Julita is Located. I also love finishing this peace since it is made of wood. I feel a lot of connection when I'm painting on wood than on metal or concrete. It is quite high, luckily they have a ladder so I can easily maneuver.


Overall, this project is challenging because of time pressure and the taught that it will be used commercially makes me more nervous. But thank goodness, I think the owner like it. I really hope she does.

For those residing here in the Philippines and wants to visit Cafe Julita to unwind and sip a cup of coffee, here's the map/direction: CAFE Julita

So here's a bonus picture of me and my mother, visiting me at the workplace

Visit their facebook page here: CAFEJulita

Thank you for dropping by!

Stay safe!!!


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Are these commercial creations paid for?

Hello Sky, yes they are paid :)
Commission based

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