DJINN | A Digital Portrait Illustration

in OCD3 years ago

Hello Everyone, I just want to show you this illustration of mine done in Procreate. It is one of my favorite drawings so far, in fact this has the longest time I expense in a drawing. It took me almost a year to finish. That includes ON and OFF time out and a lot of revisions on outline and colors, style and texture.


It is actually my self-portrait. I took the photo last year and decided to turn it into a cartoony or anime style art. Since I am still exploring Procreate, this one has taught me how to use the color palette, how to pick the right brush and how to use every layer for color, toning, shadow, highlights and details. This also taught me patience.

Let me show you the timelapse :

I hope you all like it!

Thank you so much

Have a nice day

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