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Location : https://w3w.co/kasihan.diamkan.menggapai

This is the type of white jasmine flower that I took yesterday. Yesterday afternoon I took the time to walk around the village. On the way, I saw a white jasmine flower.

From a distance this jasmine flower looks stunning because of its white color. This flower grows into an ornamental plant in my neighbor's house. He planted it close to the fence of the house.


Location : https://w3w.co/kasihan.diamkan.menggapai

This flower grows to have green leaves. There are two classifications of leaf color, light green and dark green. Both colors depend on the age of the leaves, light green (bright green) when the leaves are just growing and dark green (dark green) when the leaves are old.

This type of ornamental plant can grow anywhere easily, especially with the climatic conditions in Indonesia which are very suitable. The flower that I photographed has a height of about 1 meter. The stems look sturdy with a trunk diameter of about 1 cm..


Location : https://w3w.co/kasihan.diamkan.menggapai

This flower emits a distinctive odor and has a very strong fragrance. This flower grows vines. According to my search on wikipedia, this flower comes from Europe, Eurasia, Australia and is spread in a number of countries in the Asian region.

This plant also has scientific benefits for health products and perfumes. This ornamental plant can thrive in tropical countries like Indonesia. This very beautiful jasmine flower can be a symbol that symbolizes spirit and purity.


Location : https://w3w.co/kasihan.diamkan.menggapai

It is said that, according to ancestral history, this jasmine flower is used in various traditions. For example in Indonesia, in the implementation of the Sundanese and Javanese traditional marriage traditions. Jasmine flowers used to be head jewelry for the bride.

The groom also wears jasmine flower jewelry that is worn around his head. Traditions are carried out based on ancestral and cultural values. From this custom, it seems that jasmine flowers can build the spiritual and psychological value of a nation.


Location : https://w3w.co/kasihan.diamkan.menggapai

Culture is always inherent in every nation and tribe which gives them enthusiasm and happiness in life. These values ​​also seem to be contained strongly in this jasmine flower. Its white color is a witness to the holiness and purity of life.

Nature and the universe have a strong relationship with the survival of mankind. This seems to be a force that can cultivate spiritual and psychological values. Even things like this must be accompanied by logical thinking by maintaining local traditions and wisdom.

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Hola @ponpasa que lindos esos jardines de flores de jazmín me encanta tu publicación . feliz noche.

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