Rhymes for Dimes – Where am I?

in Awakening Poetry3 years ago (edited)



Out of nowhere; I appear
In a place, I’ve never been
Magical by nature
Like a movie; That I, had once seen

I’m running through the streets
Of an imaginary world
My body; wrapped in sheets
In the winds, they flap and swirl

All I see, is darkness
My eyes are closed by force
In a nearby forest land
I can hear; a neighing horse

I sense them all around me
Their presence; hungry snakes
Slithering and hissing
Eager; to get a taste

I’m all alone, in fear
My consciousness, is missing
My ears; they cannot hear
Incapable, of reminiscing

I’ve lost my sense of smell
My eyes are pierced and bleeding
I pull them from their sockets
My face in pain and screaming

I cannot speak; I have no voice
I wish I had a choice
My throat locked up; feeling hoarse
All I have, is late remorse

My hollow eyes; awaken
Flames shooting, straight ahead
Appearing in the distance
A giant; glowing ball of red

In a land of new horizons
Furiously; I flap my wings
Floating upside down
Eternal life, it springs

Where am I?
Am I still alive?
Or is this just a dream?
Maybe; it's the underworld



As always, have a great day and PEACE


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