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It is with great joy and deep sense of gratitude, that we wish to introduce a new community to Steemit - Steem Fitness Hub! This announcement is the culmination of months of planning and preparation which has been going on behind the scene. For the purpose of easy comprehension, we have arranged the content of this announcement post in headings. We hope to answer all your questions regarding this brand new community. So read the following sections and get to know Steem Fitness Hub better!

  • What is the purpose of this community?
  • What is the connection of fitness to Steemit?
  • How do one benefit from being a member?
  • How will the community benefit Steemit platform?

Let's take this one after the other.



The purpose of this community is to instill the need for healthy living to members through exercise and fitness activities. We are hoping to encourage fitness lovers and non-fitness lovers, impressing on their minds the need to stay healthy through exercise while working on Steemit. As content creators, there are lots of challenges we face. One of such challenge is time management.

We often struggle to manage limited time we have in order to tackle enormous tasks facing us each day: Most cases involving in work leave us stressed out. How will exercise help cushion the effect of stress? How will daily exercise routine help improve your mood and prepare you for a working day?

Another challenge we have is that our work is sedentary. Sitting at a place for hours, wrong postures may affect our health. Here is another area exercise steps in to help.

Thirdly, our brain sometimes seem clogged because of brain stress. How do exercise help one mentally. we can keep counting. The importance of fitness to Steemians can never be taken for granted. It is as important as working on Steemit itself. In fact every Steemian need exercise. There is absolutely no two ways about it.

Put simply, in any organization, we do not undermine the importance of personnel department. And a firm without personnel department will suffer adversely. Steemit is a decentralized platform. Everyone here comes to contribute to Steemit in order to make returns. While working for themselves, they are like staff to Steemit. We are here to bridge the rift, making sure that Steemians grow healthier, grow sharper mentally and to grow financially

Our community will introduce what we call Mental Exercise.
In this series we are going to utilize the core purpose of Steemit platform which is curating good content. Steemit is not all about crypto, it is a platform for content creators. Our goal is that attention is given to good writing irrespective of its topic.



Steemit run on Proof of Brain (PoB) consensus algorithm. Fitness therefore is important for good brain function and serves as mood enhancer.

Our brain exercise series will train our mind on how to be efficient as content creators. It will allow all who has good content to showcase their talent.


There are lots of benefits people will get when they join Steemit Fitness Hub.
1: DAIRLY PROGRAM ON FITNESS. This will allow all community members to focus on a section of fitness program each morning before setting up for work. It will equally track the progress of members, helping them stay fit and healthy.

This series will include programs that train the mind. At the same times members will have opportunity to showcase their use of the brain by good content.

We have noticed one issue confronting newbies of Steemit. It is the lack of motivation to to take the first few steps to write. We believe that everyone can write if properly mentored. While other communities mentor outside Steemit, we have decided to introduce programs that will help newcomers take their first steps in Steemit and we will continue to mentor them. To achieve this, we will incorporate already made templates which will guide newcomers on how to begin writing. We will equally give tutorials on writing here in the Steemit platform.

3: CONTESTS: Contests will be a core feature of this community. We will regularly organize contests so that participants would be rewarded. Of course, our contests would center around exercise and fitness.


We see ourselves as a Firm under Steemit rather than a community. That notion changes the way we view the community.

To raise our Firm we will employ several strategies to recruit more and more persons. Our target is primarily on fitness lovers, students who hope to make extra income through writing, the world's jobless that has access to internet but are afraid to write.

We equally have a set out methods to sustain these people. We have noticed how discouraging it is for newbies when they are not voted on their content. Our voting strategy will work to sustain these ones and encourage them to work harder in Steemit. We equally have a marked out criteria for voting which we will make open later.



  • Subscribers' daily workouts program
    -. Creative contents on fitness benefits
    -. Any post relating to physical, mental therapy and its imparts to the Steemit platform.
    -. A good entertaining content that shows proof of brain.


The Team


@meymeyshops - Founder and Admin


@mobibliss - Mod


@focusnow - Mod



Steemit Fitness Hub is a community for all. While focusing on fitness, we have training and education for all.

We believe that everyone can write and we will do more to bring both content creators and investors to the Steemit Platform. We may not have every detail of our plans set out, but we will continue to work and strategize after our launch.

We thank you all friends for supporting this effort. Together we can take Steemit to a much higher level through efforts and hardwork.

Written by:
@meymeyshops for Steem Fitness Hub


Special mention


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Wow, this community is lovely, health fitness is really a good wealth. thanks for sharing

 3 years ago 

Dear @desiredlady, you are right about fitness being a good wealth. Together we will be active and agile with Steem.

Oh so great indeed! @steemFitnessHub, you are a welcomed idea. It will ginger me and the whole community at large. Most times I feel lazy and busy to engage in this physical fitness on daily basis.

Thanks for this wonderful community. Congratulations once again. I'm a member.

 3 years ago 

You are highly welcomed dear @goodspeed22, here's for all of us.


I love this

Thirdly, our brain sometimes seem clogged because of brain stress. How do exercise help one mentally.

I seriously need this exercise because I feel even in sleep, I don't get to have enough rest these days.
This community will surely be of help to me personally.
Thanks for this initiative.

 3 years ago (edited)

We are here for you @patience90, all of us need this initiative. Welcome to Steem Fitness Hub

Congratulations @steemfitnesshub. It's really good to take care of our bodies through fitness activities. Exercise is great. We hope this community will draw in many fitness enthusiasts and supporters alike. Thank you the team for working hard to bring this idea to reality.

 3 years ago 

Yes we're out for the real deal @focusnow, bodily exercise is good.

This community is surely here at the right time.
This will enable so many of us ease up some stress and also educate us.
Isn't that beautiful.

You have my full support by God's grace

 3 years ago 

For truth it's timely, you are welcome to work with us @akwashphil.

Wow! Looking forward to be a part of this community

 3 years ago 

@chikelly you are already part of us. Get ready for workouts.

Congratulations @steemfitnesshub we are ready, exercise is very good and gives a great health relief.

 3 years ago 

Thank you dear @beautybb, yes we're very excited and very ready.

 3 years ago (edited)

Congratulations !!!
This is a great idea, we can not undermine the importance of fitness to our general wellbeing. Of more important is remaining mentally fit to do the great task we have daily.

Combining physical fitness and mental exercise will bring #steemit proof of brain to the fore.

New ones will be mentored and trained to achieve great heights in their freelancing and writting ambition.

In the decentralized social platforms steemit stands out.
It is our hope that soonest steemit will outcompete most centralized platforms for social media and content creation.

Thank you great teem for making this happen! Let's do this!

 3 years ago 

We appreciate your boldness and readiness to fit our personalities in Steemit ecosystem.

We will regularly organize contests so that participants would be rewarded. Of course, our contests would center around exercise and fitness.

Cant wait

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