050820 - Friday oatmeal cookies and beans

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Just like yesterday I mowed.

I didn't feel to it, started later, but still did it. If the weather doesn't change (no rain) in two or three days the whole garden is finished.
Grass and weeds are growing slower. It's starting to turn yellow. I love that color if it comes to grass. It's the sign of summer to me although it's still chilly outside.

The bus-kid replanted it's little plants. They mainly stayed inside and they do not look very promising. We can forget about them.

The appletree and smallest/youngest cherry tree look pathetic too. Not much leaves but who knows some fruit this year. I gave both water just like yesterday.

I am not in the mood to go out which means I stay at home. I am not the shopping type and we have still food in stock.

Food on the table.
Bread with peanutbutter, the bus-kid and I ate some canned tuna with vegetables z(3 peas and some parts of onion and half of it was empty). I made rice and beans.
We ate the last cookies baked yesterday for breakfast.

oatmeal flakes cookies. 100 grams of oatmeal, salt, 100 grams of flour, bakingpowder, 2 eggs, 150 sugar (no butter or oil)

Published today (Friday, May 8, 2020)

Published yesterday (Thursday, May 7, 2020)

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I'm also eating oatmeal after the fasting time with meat or chicken.

I am curious to know how you prepare that. 💕

Boil the meat and put all the spices and keep on fire until tender. You can add tomato , garlic and onion , cinnamon stick black pepper. When meat is good add quacker oats into the boiling meat , keep on fire for 10 minutes. And done.

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