Ulog: How Will The Macrohard Hub Begin To sustain Itself Starting Out Empty?

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How will the Macrohard Hub begin to sustain itself starting out empty? This is an interesting question.

Very coincidentally, i intend to start this hub empty i.e i will not wait to have things like chairs and fanciful stuff in it, neither will i wait to have people in it before i start. Once i have accrued enough money for 6-months rent of a hub space, i am going to rent it, then go into it.

At the outset, i will be visiting the hub myself. In it, i will sit, ponder, build and evolve (i will also evolve the hub with physical props modeled to incite visitors to 'evolve their human').

My major investment at the outset will be on 'solid internet'. There you go...'solid internet and an empty space and well, me'.

Speaking of buys, the immediate things i will like to buy within the first few days of starting the hub and where there is means are these things (in this order):

  • One good desktop, likely a RYZEN with 8GB RAM and 4GB GTX1650 Video card.
  • Wireless camera mic.
  • Studio lights
  • Where possible, a Logitech BRIO Webcam.

I will be going to the hub each day, while i ensue buying these things. It is very likely that i will be the only one in this hub in the first few weeks. Also note, that i am aspiring that the hub starts to gain success at month 3. This means, that i will focus the first 2 months on gathering as many people as possible. I will measure "success" in the first month based on how many people have stepped foot into the hub. Thus, in this month, i will create venture after venture that invites visitors into the hub, starting with a food party or party party. Each human presence must count, thus, we will fill up an empty book with their contacts. For evolution sake, each attendee will enter in a ulogacy into our 'book' ('book' could be a dedicated PC with a short entry-form that invites 'data collection')

Anyone that steps foot into this hub must leave a mark somehow, meaning that i must create the sand-shore. I want this entire process to be testimonial and be replicatable by others. So i will document the entire enterprise model on the go, for others to model after.

Imagine investing in an empty hub in a bid to make this hub successful even in terms of generating revenue. It is very easy.

Where we have had up to 300 people pass through this hub within the first 45 days, that is success. In these 45 days too, i will be willing to invest in catering to people, people who visit the hub, will have food snacks etc, well, they may have to cook it, while i provide the ingredients. We will capture each moment in video-recordings and play within each moment. Recall that there will be strong internet, meaning that people will be able to access internet during their times in the hub, watch netflix if there is netflix, network if there are others, play games if there is a game TV or game PCs etc. Whatever the case is, even each 'play' will be 'directional play' this time . At the very least, you will ulog or something. Again, i will evolve the hub with curriculum-props that incites 'evolution in humans', that reason why i will go to an empty hub from the outset.

From the very their very first ulogacy into our books, i will have started creating a solid network of brothers and sisters spanning across all industries. This will come in handy in the later-life of the hub, at month 3.

Note, where i am able to record say 150 unique hub-videos, featuring humans, that is another level of 'success' too. There will UloggersTV to capture every of these human ventures.

I will incorporate a tiny income-stream within the first 45 days but it won't be compulsory. Again i will play this incorporation out, using a curriculum involving fashion. Besides, inculcating a valuable element of human relating to 'swag, presence, being etc' this fashion will help market the hub external. So instead of say 'shirts with logos', i will start out a fashion-line also called 'macrohard' made up of African print and in its price, i will incorporate hub fees. Assuming the capital-cost of the attire is 500 PHP, i could sell it for 800 PHP and release a new line each month. To attend the hub thus and avail of all the love within it, you just need to have a copy of our attire.

Alas, you will be able to use this hub for free eventually based on our enterprise model, which i will discuss in part 2 of this publish and our enterprise model overall is simple and involves 'mining the human'. Note that the curriculums propagated via this hub, will based on 'legitimate illiteracy' a curriculum that i am creating. Per month, where you are able to participate in a regimen containing fun 'mining the human' activities, we will look to refund whatever money you have paid to use the hub, along with a celebratory bonus.

Is all the above possible? Well, first wait to read the part 2 of this publication. Then stay tuned to see these eventualities 'live' as i will look to record and document these proceedings for the benefit of others. One of our media outlets will be on ' https://www.youtube.com/c/UloggersTV?sub_confirmation=1 '

Your Boy Terry, whether bulls or bears.


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My aspiration goes out for the hub every, i am always tuned.

The idea is great as it based on fixing what is missing in the life of humans.

When you start from an empty hub, it shows self confidence and that is the major factor neccessary for the evolution of the human.

Keep shedding bro, keep your human shine bright. i am always ready to bear your consequence. I also will try everything neccessary to keep the idea if Ulog alive in Nigeria.

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