Ulog: How To Create Your Own Money Today And Be Billionaire?

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The concept of digital currencies is ‘as difficult as 1, 2, 3’. Understanding it and there is a lot to learn from it about money and wealth-creation in general.

In today’s world, the world seeks money a bit too much and perhaps in the wrong places. Money isn’t created to be sought after but if we sought after it, it becomes god and we will end up having to pursue it constantly.

In today’s world, if we look more intently, we just may own the entire bank.

In the short ulog video below, i will try to explain to you, how you can create your own money and become that billionaire and how to have others spend the digital currency that you have created, believing in its value too. I will simplify it drastically and based on this, you will understand the concept behind money itself and you will almost understand the concept behind the function and formulation of any digital currency.

This will help you eventually in creating your own digital currencies, owning your own money and becoming billionaire in it, that perhaps, you will no longer seek money like you once would and even mentality-wise, ‘will own the bank’ instead. This way you can become a big player, a generation-fixer, creating your own wealth and then humans can begin to have more value in your world, for ‘in a world filled with full-blown humans, ‘money’ is the smaller things’.

I will like to create more life-lessons tutorials like this, teaching these topics and any topic in the mind’s eye of a legitimate illiterate and for that i have a hub now, called ‘Macrohard‘.

This hub among other things, will help me in my journey to recovering in my health and will help me begin to take care of my dad who is ill, better.

As importantly, i can begin to reveal more effectively, some additional knowledge derived from the curriculum of legitimate illiteracy, tangible for the collective evolution of the world, for ”surpassinggoogle it is’.

To read more about Macrohard: https://uloggers.xyz/2020/07/18/seeking-your-crowdfunding-support-passionately-where-have-we-reached-with-the-setup-macrohard-philippines/

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