Ulog - Brave Browser Tutorial - An Easy Way To Earn Online (Digital Currency) Today.

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In this particular ulog, I discuss the Brave browser. This is a basic Brave browser tutorial.

If you are seeking an easy entry point into the world of digital currency and looking to earn your first ever money online as soon as today, using your browser, this Brave tutorial will help.
This chromium-based (replica of google chrome) browser is integrated with an entire digital wallet and pays users in a digital currency called BAT or Basic Attention Token, where they accept to see some ADs per day. In general, Brave is a privacy browser that blocks Ads, allowing your to use sites like YouTube for instance, without those disruptive ads.
To start earning money or digital currency today thus, is as simple as installing brave browser onto your PC, Android or IOS, going to the settings to enable the option to receive ads and you start earning while you browse as soon as you open the first ad pop-up that Brave shows you. These ads are not intrusive, can be turned off and usually related to blockchain and digital currencies.
BAT is a top 35 digital currency according to coinmarketcap's rankings and it is currently 20 cents.

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I use brave browser. but my ad view earning is few cents. I use brave browser for 10-14 hours in a day.

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