Some 17 Days Since He Passed, My Dad Was Buried Today! Thank You Everyone!

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Thank you for all the support towards me in these times and in the past. I won't forget. After some 17 days of struggling with burial arrangements for my dad out here in the Philippines, my dad was finally buried today.

It is baffling to think of it. I didn't have one picture as a grown-up with my dad or one video. I didn't have with my mum either. Think of that for a moment. Life just passed like that. Think of what type of life that must have been.

I just realized today, that once again, i have just pictures of me and my parents, when they died or were dying. Besides, baby pictures those are what i have.

And of memories, i have only short-term memory now, so no old memories of say 'happy times' with them either.

In the coming days or weeks, i will try to scale my quit-notice struggles and hopefully find a new place to live in.

In this period, i will also write and publish a first book in the coming days from the Macrohard hub, me alone for now and dedicate it to my parents. Perhaps that will help me heal a bit and spark the process of me forgiving myself.

Chapter one of the book is here!

Kindly consider buying a 15$ T-shirt from our store here:

Each T-shirt carries an inscription derived from our curriculum of 'legitimate illiteracy'.

Proceeds from these sales will go towards the evolution and sustenance of our 'Macrohard hub' located in the Philippines.

Your boy Terry


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