My Dad Got A Stroke. He Is A The Hospital, I Can't See Him. You Can Help!

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I haven't caught an ounce of a break in ages. When i got closest to breakthrough, things started to happen; battles. My mum died when i was set to bring her whispers of good news and without any break, i started to take care of my dad who is ill. I was ill too. My health continued to deteriorate even faster but i have kept pushing. Each day is untoldly tough. Without much strength, i have crumbled but i am not alone now, so i will keep pushing. Regardless, i have not pushed enough. I have fallen short as a son. Days ago, my dad stopped talking or responding. I thought it was another episode of depression where he goes into isolation but it was not. It was a stroke.

He is in the hospital now. It took 4 hospitals to accept him and after finally being admitted, i am not able to see him or access his condition because of the hospitals COVID policy. Until his COVID results are out, will he be put in a ward, where visitors are allowed in.

Imagine all my dad illnesses plus a stroke. Imagine a son watching these things almost helplessly per day, a first son, an only son. "Daily" is something else; un-explainable.

I can only just deteriorate till breakthrough happens because i will not stop pushing and that is me. Alone, un-understood, without strength, without a dime, i will keep pushing.

I want to ask your help in this post. You can donate to help me in these times. You can help me and my dad in these times. I won't forget!

I won't put pictures out on this one, that i may keep some of my respect. In due time, my stories will be fully told.

If you would like to help me currently, especially donate to help me cater to bill at the hospital, which will in turn help me to rise again, kindly do so. You can send me some HIVE/HBD.


Donate with digital currency

  • My HIVE/STEEM/BLURT wallet: @surpassinggoogle
  • My BCH Wallet: przerf6wjl4kln0nq4tq7kth3dx94h95avpcvuxcju
  • My Bitcoin wallet: 34qnjNrdw3jLMPBN9UWHEWN6zsrfZsC7Ra
  • My ETH wallet: 0xfd5c4f2fe8da3eda1025681f0f86570849249d63

I will look to help you in turn. When i am stable and my project, especially 'cryptoulogs' go live in the near-term, i will like to donate to you some tokens in turn. Besides, when Macrohard goes into full-blown motion and i am able to gather 'brother-programmers' in it, we can work on helping you build your projects, even for free.

Your Boy Terry


Contact Me

[email protected]



My blessings are with your family:)

 2 years ago 

Thank you alot. He died

Stay strong, buddy! I'll send some HBD.

 2 years ago 

Thank you very much for your love towards me and your donation. i won't forget. I will put it toward his burial etc. He died.

I am so sorry for your loss. I offer you my condolences.

I am so sorry
For your loss. I offer you
My condolences.

                 - darthnava

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

 2 years ago 

Thank you alot bro

I just sent some STEEM. I hope it helps. You're a good guy, and very smart too. I wish you and your family all the best!

 2 years ago 

I won't forget and the love in your comment and spotting nice things about me and recounting it. Thank you for your donation too. I will put it towards hospital bills, burials etc. He died. It is very painful. Lost both parents. Like i failed.

You're welcome, and so sorry to hear about your dad!

Yes it is painful. You're an intelligent and caring person, and you will grieve in your own way, as we all do in these circumstances. Sending a virtual hug and my sincere condolences.

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