I Am Passionately Appealing You To Subscribe To The Ulogs Community.

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Dear community, i want to invite you passionately to join the Ulogs community. I am very ill and i am not as effective or productive as i once was. Until i recover fully, i want to keep on pushing however small, so curation-wise, i am curating especially Ulogs.

The Ulogs community is gradually growing as a result. We have recently reached more than 100 subscribers. Many more uloggers are emanating and it is time to invite you to join to, if you haven't.

#ulog has some nice history. After the first 6 months of its inception, the tag saw some 50K posts, 179K comments from more than 5400 unique profiles. We also have a discord community with more than 5,000 users that we would like to resume activities on. Join in here: https://discord.gg/ub7NV3k

Definition Of A Ulog?

A form of a content spanning across any topic or niche, that is created 'fresh' at every instance (i.e without resourcing from that internet), composed entirely of ‘excerpts of U’.

The word 'ulog' can also be used in terms of 'a web-space made up of ulogs'. Similar to how one would say, "i have a blog" or "i have a vlog"; one can say, "i have a ulog".

However, a ulog possesses tenets that allows content-creators to 'consciously evolve their human', while reshaping the internet.The letter 'u' seen in the word 'ulog', is synonymous to 'you'.

A ulog created today should not have existed anywhere on the internet yesterday.

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I curate ulogs the most currently as i have a small vote-size (with a small trail too that can be up 2USD at times). As part of my curation efforts, i re-steem ulogs (to 16K followers to help with visibility and curation from others) and leave timely directional and inspirational comments as needed.

As the Ulogs community grows in subscriber-count and active Uloggers, we will get more support and i am quite confident of this, as we will look to move together. So, i also invite you to join in curating the Ulogs community too. If you aren't able to, consider joining my trail with a small percentage of your vote power and i will curate. Join below:

The Near Future

Ulog is a unique blockchain-born innovation. It started on Steem and it is on Hive. In the near future, it will have its own dedicated DAPP (already exists here) and its digital currency called 'TEARDROPS'. Due my health issues, development has been slow but i am still working hard however small, that the world knows of Ulogs.

Currently "Ulogs" has the first page of google. Soon, no longer will google will have to suggest 'did you mean blog or vlog' whenever a person types in "ulogs" as a search query. Ulogs can become renown even as a word, inserted into the dictionaries etc. When this is the case, you would have been part of its making as we beginning to have many uloggers emanating from the entire globe. We may even have a new internet, one where the base content is 'ulogs', one that features uloggers (humans) dynamically, one upon where 'content is queen'.

I Can Help

There is something more i can offer. I can buy out time to help you as soon as today, with any challenge, ordeal or aspiration. Don't forget to join the communities, then subscribe to UloggersTV on YouTube and turn on notifications and whenever you need help, contact me on '[email protected]'.

I am your boy Terry (@surpassinggoogle) whether bulls or bears.

Experimental Referral Bonus

I don't have much resources financially. This thus is experimental. I would like to reward '3 HIVE/5 STEEM' to you, for every '10 people' that you successfully refer who subscribe to the Steem/Hive Ulogs community and post a ulog.

For a start, i am look for 10 such affiliates.


  • if you have 10 people subscribe to the Steem/Hive ulogs community to post one Ulog, you will get '5 STEEM/3 HIVE'.
  • if you have 100 people subscribe to the Steem/Hive ulogs community to post one Ulog, you will get '50 STEEM/30 HIVE'.

Your Boy Terry


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Click here: https://www.youtube.com/c/UloggersTV?sub_confirmation=1

Kindly Vote The 'steemgigs' Witness On Hive.


The best wishes for this great community, I hope every project go forward with great wind Terry!! I recommend you to visit LBRY.tv to upload your videos also!!

The best vibes for you and yours!!

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@knitrias is running now if you want to take a look!! ;)

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 4 years ago 

Thank you bro. Glad to see you have started the project and it is motion. I am sorry that I still struggle to reach out to you. Perhaps we can do that stream. Can you email ‘[email protected]’. In the stream we can just talk at large. English isn’t a barrier

I wish you a speedy recovery.

 4 years ago 

Thank you a lot. My recovery will take a lot of time but it will happen in Jesus’ name amen.

I am working hard towards that

It won't take a lot time my friend because God can heal you immediately. All you need is faith.

i have followed the trial both on steem and hive... thanks for all you do, i hope for another call soon.

 4 years ago 

Thank you bro. Left you fb message

I am joining but I feel I need some guide... I just opened this site after over two years and so many things have changed around here

You just need to consistent... keep posting, commenting and stay current

 4 years ago 

Subscribe here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzI3Rjamg7zSe_o0BwSeIQQ and turn on notifications. I will do a video soonest to guide matters or let’s do a livestream once and for all, I will share my screen and explain it to you in one go. To join the stream send an email to [email protected] when you are ready

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