How Will The Macrohard Hub Begin To sustain Itself Starting Out Empty? (Part 2)

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How will the Macrohard Hub begin to sustain itself starting out empty? This is an interesting question.

To understand this publication better, kindly read part one of it here:

Very coincidentally, i intend to start this hub 'empty' i.e i will not wait to have things like chairs and fanciful stuff are in it, neither will i wait to have people to fill it before i start out in it. Once i have accrued enough money for 6-months rent of a hub space, i am going to rent it, then go into it.

At the outset, i will be visiting the hub myself. In it, i will sit, ponder, build and evolve (i will also evolve the hub with physical props modeled to incite visitors to 'evolve their human').

Our target being to have a 'successful self-sustaining hub at month 6'. In the last publication, i focused on 'our first 2 months'. Within the first two months, the primary aim will be to 'record 300 visits (300 visits) to the hub'.

Going on to month 3 (the premise for this publication), our target will be to 'build a solid network of brothers/sisters', i.e brother programmers, brother enterprenuers, brother graphic-designers, brother videographers etc.

Starting at this month, we will incorporate an entire curriculum called 'legitimate illiteracy' in our hub motion, using fun 'directional activities' (modeled to incite these ones to 'mine their human') 'e.g ulogging' to inculcate that 'brother paradigm' in our visitors.

Speaking of 'brother talents/un(dis)talents', our primary industry of focus at the start will be 'programming'. Where we have built a solid network of say '3 brother programmers' at the end of month 3, that is 'success'.

To inculcate the 'brother paradigm' into their 'art of programming', i will allow them to contribute code to my start-up projects (e.g,,, whereby flaws are allowed. This will enable them build our projects gradually, while honing their expertise and tapping into their 'brother' aspect as they learn to build projects even free for the sake of a fellow brother or to play a role in historical history as part of a fellow brother's dream.

Note: these 'network of brothers' will form the base of our hub, together we will help many projects build their start-ups, especially those of project-owners that do not know programming. We will also offer a unique consultancy service that caters to an aspect of the 'programming world' that hasn't been touched yet. Stay tuned!

Altogether, the efforts of these brothers in 'building our projects' will not be entirely free, for our ecosystem and the 'Teardrops digital currency' powering it, seeks to reward even 'past deeds'.

In the mix, we will also begin to build a solid network of brothers and sisters in a wide span of industries under the umbrella of "dream-building" (e.g graphic-designers, enterpreneurs, videographers, artists, artistes etc.).

Over the course of all this period (month 1 - 4), i will gradually be filling the hub up with gadgets 'e.g high-level computers, a video-studio, a music-studio, an interview-space, a fashion area, a cooking area etc'. This is pre-formulated, that while people can use these human-hacking props almost free, we are able capture world-adjusting (testimonial) moments in high-level ulog media, which we will share on the internet, also market our enterprise rapidly.

My approach to innovation is dynamic and it is important to highlight this at this stage. A major paradigm integrated into each enterprise model that i innovate is a 'ulog paradigm'. This spells dynamism. Our hub should ever-incessantly emanate 'down-to-earth innovations' and this will be the case. I will put in the grind and to this effect, i will formulate per day 'fresh unique engaging activities' as part of our curriculum that is modeled to incite 'participants' to grow the human. Integrating a 'ulog paradigm' into each activity stemming from the hub, we will remove ordinariness from once 'ordinary activities' e.g if you ate while in the hub, it will not be just 'another meal'. (Our table-parameters may have subconsciously enabled you to apply your sense of taste in new ways etc.)

In the early stages of month 4, we will have began to introduce the 'school of legitimate illiteracy' to our participants. An aspect of this curriculum will also teach 'programming' but a new breed of programming called 'Macrohard' (i.e 'programming with SWAG' or 'brother programming), which seeks to abate the rarity in the 'brother programmers' industry.

I have already created the Macrohard programming base-model. At this stage, we will offer to take a fee 'with the offer of 'free' or 'cheaper than free' e.g assuming you paid a monthly fee of '2000 PHP (50 USD)' to participate in this school, we will offer to return '3000 PHP' (60 USD), if you are able to follow a regimen of 'mining the human' activities (constituting part of our 'legitimate illiteracy' curriculum) over the course of the 30-days (e.g simple activities like ulogging, interviews, graphic design, off-key singing, experimental cooking etc.), otherwise, you will have forfeited the refund.

I will discuss how i intend to accrue this refunds in the final part of this series. Stay tuned!

A major aspect of our hub success will be "media" (ulog-type media). If we are able to capture 200 'ulog' videos for instance, at the end of month 4, each featuring 'humans', that is 'success'.

Is all the above possible? Well, first wait to read the part-2 of this publication. Then stay tuned to see these eventualities 'live' as i will look to record and document these proceedings for the benefit of others.

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', so kindly click on the link above to subscribe to UloggersTV and turn on notifications.

Your Boy Terry, whether bulls or bears.


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Hi, is marlians in some way going to be part of the macro-hard hub?

 2 years ago (edited)

Yes bro. These projects will come back to life then. The hub will help me recover in health and this will help a lot

That is good to hear

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