How Much Testimonial Essence Can "Food" Have In Terms Of World-Adjustment?

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In this lengthy video, we take a look at 'food' and the 'African Food' in particular. We tried to apply our sense of 'taste, smell etc' in a new ways, in a bid to locate the un-ordinary aspects of "food". Can food have more testimonial essence than it already has? Are there others ways to look at food, even spiritual ways? Is there anything special with 'African food'? Is it cooked differently? Is it because of the ingredients? etc.

We had 4 people participate. One is a caterer and she is new to Hive (@themmie), the other girl can cook too. Then there is @adesojisouljay who can cook and me (@surpassinggoogle) who doesn't eat much.

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The unordinary aspect of food was revealed, there is more. Having an inititial plan to make a Nigerian concoction spag and then later deciding to make some stew in other to have a left over stew for a later use for bread and so is a testimony of the mind which an ordinary mind would'nt consider as anything. Thanks for that revelation aspects.

i am @adesojisouljay , i have a a YouTube channel too, anyone can subscribe Here

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