How I Earned More Than 300k USD Online & Lost Some Of It?

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In this particular ulog, i recount my experience with earning some 300K USD online and then going on to lose some of it. I say "some" because according to me 'learning is the ultimate earning' and i did my most learning from the steem blockchain, the same blockchain upon which i learn my most.

Once the digital currency STEEM reached a high of 8USD and i had many of these tokens, even though they weren't liquid (i.e my STEEM was powered up or vested on the Steem blockchain). However, i didn't power during these times as 'money' constituted 'the smaller things'.

During these times, i went to establish 'each enterprise model for each of 4-startups' that i intend to adjust the world with, surpassing google.

I relate this experience to my audience to establish the general possibility of earning money online, especially "digital currency".

The internet has stayed static for so long to where the resources obtainable by its measure are the same old resources that have garnered popularity over the course of time'. I am trying to create 'fresh' resources covering various subjects, 'ulogging style'.

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