Helping @adesojisouljay Fix His Noble Dreams Today. Is Wealth Creation That Hard?

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In this particular ulog, we tackle some simple yet unpopular life lessons taken from the curriculum of 'legitimate illiteracy' to see if we can apply it in helping a brother in the person of @adesojisouljay build his noble dream, whether it is a near-term aspiration or a giant end-goal.

Your Boy Terry, whether bulls or bears.


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UloggersTV intends to render assistance to any human with regards to their 'hassle, aspiration, needs etc' as early as today.

Do well to subscribe to UloggersTV and turn on notifications and whenever you are ready, say 'you have ordeal' or say 'you are seeking the ever-missing piece of your puzzle on any subject or industry' including 'Hive, Blockchain etc', kindly contact me on '[email protected]' and we will work together within the course of one live-stream (dedicated to you), whereupon i will share my insight as a 'legitimate illiterate', share my screen to help you with tangible online resources that can help you further and share the resources that i have, whatever is available. We will find solutions today!

Your Boy Terry, whether bulls or bears.


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 2 years ago (edited)

Thanks for all you do brother, you are always an inspiration

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