An Indepth Lbry Tutorial. Auto-Backup & Auto-Publish Your YouTube Videos On Lbry.

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In this particular ulog, i discussed a blockchain-based video sharing platform called 'Lbry' similar to YouTube that welcomes free speech and introduces them and everyone into the world of blockchain technology.

I am a legitimate illiterate and i tried to break down everything about this, simplifying it. I did an entire walk-through tutorial and offer to help each one interested further, wherever they get stuck.

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Here is a list of points that i covered:

  • How to sign-up and sign-in on Lbry, a blockchain-based video-sharing platform that rewards you in Hive.
  • General navigation of Lbry
  • Why you need Lbry to compliment your YouTube journey, covering also advantages of using or blockchain-based social media in general.
  • Why you need blockchain technology in the scheme of 'Africa to the world' and why it is timeliest now.
  • How i can help and what my username 'surpassinggoogle' means and the role of UloggersTV and 'legitimate illiteracy'.
  • No worries, you can start a blockchain project for 'Africa to the world' and the times are now. It is as difficult as 1, 2, 3.
  • The world didn't know what they gifted to Africa, when they conceived of blockchain.

Here is a summary of the simple steps in the tutorial:

This video is 'creative commons', so i invite anyone to re-post this video on their channel. In it, i spoke with broad context about Africa to the world and the role of blockchain technology especially in relation to 'immutability of content' in this particular scheme.

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