Journalist for a day. Inter-state travel ban abused as the federal government ease lockdown

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If I'm goona act like a journalist, then I need to present like a jounalist. Making it real.


Good day viewers, I'm @beautychicks reporting from Lagos Nigeria. The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted activities in all areas of Lagos state following the lockdown mandated by the federal government in three states Lagos, Ogun, and Abuja, before there was a lockdown ease a week ago. The easing of the lockdown by the president didn't support the inter-state movement, but a lot of travelers are on the road trying to sneak out in every possible way they can. It was reported that some travelers were halted in Ogun state coming from Lagos by the security officials. It becomes obvious that the Lagos, Ogun boundary has been very porous since the lockdown ease.


The people came down heavy on the police that they were not playing a good role on managing the situation of the interstate travel between Lagos and Ogun State, but Mr. Frank Mba (a force spokesperson) refuted all their complains stating that the police are doing a great job in a challenging kind of situation.
When speaking on COVID-19 challenges of enforcing interstate border closure earlier on Sunday 17th May 2020, Asuquo James (TVC News assignment editor) said that commercial drivers are the main problem in the interstate movement. He added that they are always evading arrests which makes them have an unknown route that leads in and out of Ogun and Lagos state.

The people in Lagos and Ogun are making the matter worse by not complying with the rules. Some people go as far as smuggling themselves with cattle in trucks just to cross over to the next city.


Lagos still remains the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic in Nigeria. Managing the population has been one of the challenges faced by government and security officials which is a threat to fighting the COVID-19. The governor of Lagos State Babajide Sanwo-Olu at his last briefing hinted on the possibility of another lockdown
should the residents refuse to abide by the rules and public health guidelines. The TVC News assignment editor crew made it known to the general public that apart from the Cn Airport, Lagos has 5 entry and exit points where the security personnel is mounted to disallow movement of the vehicles that are not on essential duties, but different tales come from all the exit and entry points.

A Correspondent reported that the mojoda boundary between Lagos and Ogun in epe sees vehicles run through alternative routes crossing to the other side of the state in the presence of the security officers. The Ikorodu Shagamu road was blocked, but people were seen entering the state via foot.


It is an unusual and unpleasant experience for commuters in every entry and exit point in Lagos and Ogun state. When some of these people were interviewed, they complain that they need to go out to fend for their families. Although the government distributed some palliatives, it's not enough to sustain the people and some don't even get it at all.

This is one of the reasons the people seem not to abide by the state and federal government rule concerning the interstate ban. As far as the COVID-19 issue is concerned it is imperative that we maintain the integrity of the borders which is another aspect of the fight against COVID-19 so as not to help spread the community diseases.

It's quite obvious that human ingenuity is playing in all of this. The most difficult regulation to enforce is the one that the people are not happy with and don't want to obey, no matter how informed they are. But if the government can meet the needs of the people, many will abide by the public health rules. The issue of COVID-19 is not something to joke with. I hope the world health organization get an answer to the questions of the masses before this pandemic ruin the entire populace.
Thank you.

This is @beautychicks reporting from lagos.

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