July Promo-Steem Contest || Write About Your Favorite Month In A Year || My Favorite Month Is June

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Your favourite month.... Well... In my case June is my favourite month of the year. Why I like that month?? I have lots of reasons to like June, let's go one by one.


  • My boyfriend's birthday and our anniversary are in June. I really like June because June reminds us that we have been together for so long. In every June we think about the past year and look forward to being happy. So for me and my relationship, June is very important. We don't forget to give some time for ourselves, especially in June. Also as June is his birth month, June is truly a month that we should celebrate.


  • Full moon day of the June is very important to Sri Lankan Buddhists as that day Buddhism was introduced to our country. Poson is a religious festival and we perform religious activities on that day. We go to temple, worship our lord Buddha, hang lanterns and we do lots of things. "Dansal" is one of best thing which can see during poson day.

A dansala is a Buddhist practice of sharing food and an opportunity for laypeople to offer their dana, an ancient Pali word meaning “generosity” or “gift”.

In June there are ice cream, rice, sandwich, coffee, cool drink "dansal" in everywhere and I always like to go to "dansal" since I was a child.

  • My favourite fruits are Rambutan and Mangosteen. As June approaches, I know my favourite fruit season is also coming around. The urge to eat these fruits increase my desire for June because I love eating them so much.


  • Finally I like the weather in June. It doesn't rain too much and the sun doesn't shine too much. Therefore, June is the best month to go on a trip. I went trip almost every June in every year. So when I think about June, I automatically think of going on a trip.

These are the things I like most about the June. Considering these things, I sometimes feel that it would be better if we have few more June in every year 😜.
Finally I would like to thank @shohana1 for this loving contest and I invite @raji-s, @hash96, @patz99 and @kalz11 to participate this contest.

 10 months ago 

Such a cute contest entry, June is nice but very hot for me, thanks for participating! Good luck 😊

Thank you ☺️💞

June is another month of my lot of celebration..

In June there are ice cream, rice, sandwich, coffee, cool drink "dansal" in everywhere and I always like to go to "dansal" since I was a child.

yes that is true..😋😍😍

Yeah... That's why I like it 😜❤️

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