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One of the most famous and loved flowers: the orchid.
Perfect for taking pictures with the Light Painting technique.
This plant, with its abundant flowering, was very happy to be photographed.

My photo.


Support of Visual Artworks and Photogrpahy on Steem by @stef1 and @art-venture , rewarded by the Steem Community Curation Project ( @steemcurator08 ).

Many Thanks!

Hi @sardrt and it is nice to see you around. I can remember that tough time and that you decided to leave but it is nice to see that you are given a second chance for Steemit there are some changes and the atmosphere is better. By the way you can visit @steemitblog that is doing 100 days of Steem, there are sometimes nice challenges like photography or little stories it is always worth to try.

Also you can join communities, we are supporting "world of xpilar" if you have interest


The photo of orchid is so gorgeous :)

Thanks for your words. If the environment has really changed, I wouldn't mind resuming posting on Steemit. I will follow this initiative that you have reported to me. Thanks again...

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