Wrinkled and Wired, Poetry, Digital Art, and Flower Photography

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Wrinkled and Wired

a wrinkled forehead
ripples through a briny pond
awash in a lake of acetylcholine

waves, wells, and wires
drowning in grey matter

in a cosmological
spacetime ocean

IMG_1532 2.jpg

IMG_1532 3.jpg


yes, we agree
you must be right
because otherwise
I'd be wrong


let's just concur to dis-occur
I can't afford
the loss of quotient points
keep my membership
among the high brow, high-wired
bespectacled and bemused
self-identified smarty pants

IMG_1532 1.jpg

invest in rubber soles
beneath your wing tips
yes, stay grounded, Icarus
avoid electrical storms

IMG_1532 6.jpg

why the frown ...
why the sparks ...


don't you like to think

beep, beep, static, beep


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IMG_1476 4.jpg


Hello how are you, I am reading your book now.
Would you like me to leave a Review, when I am finish!?

WOW!!!. Thanks, May. Yes, please. Leave a review. That would be much appreciated:)

This is very pretty. You have been a frequent poster of flower pictures.
On this post you have a big upvote and selection of member added to your name.
I will also send you a Tip in your wallet.

How often do you upvote others posts or leave comments?

If you would like to be more active in the community and make more comments, plus upvotes I will make you a moderator.

As moderator your only task would be to comment, upvote and encourage. I don’t use downvotes or negativity.

I would then have the account FlowerPictures follow your upvotes. If you create a curation trail in your name. I can explain how to create a curation account.
Then your upvotes here would get a second vote from flowerpictures account.


That would be great, SS:) I do make a point of upvoting some flower pictures in the community on most days. I would be happy to leave a comment or two/three as well on the best shots. I too do not downvote or use negativity; so that is not a problem.

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