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The Troll's Eye

the Troll's eye
spiked and googled
lays a'plop, on top
the poet's desk

Confession ... not a desk
poets cannot afford desks
that is the realm of the highly-paid
Amazon fiction writer

let me let out ... a warrior cry
squawk, trill, trill, and squawk
I'll cough and begin again

IMG_0922 5.jpg

IMG_0919 3.jpg

the Troll's eye
googled and spiked
lays upon a vainly sanitized
Starbuck's countertop

just like that ... it's dirty again
or is alive ... a better descriptor

seems biodiversity only matters
when its trees, bark, and fur we tally
there is no counting high enough
for the micro-biome
and squiggly things, so why bother

we weren't using them anyways

IMG_0922 1.jpg

IMG_0922 2.jpg

so clear cut and wipe out
on the minute, all you want
just swipe and hold your breath
nature can't have her revenge
if you're wearing a mask ...

now back to our Troll
and peacock-feathered armed
poet ....tess

IMG_0922 3.jpg

IMG_0919 2.jpg

T'is obvious to see
to ponder, and conclude
the Troll was terrified of the iridescent
far-reaching, fanning swing
of the poet's feathered quill

The EYE sees everything
you know, or maybe you don't
keep typing and online proxy making

IMG_0919 4.jpg

IMG_0919 5.jpg

dodge and distract
it is the only strategy
to remain undetected

dress in your borrowed, avatar rags
color them pea green, the only shade
that ever looks good on you

offer up unwarranted
unchastened, and cracked
mal-mots and diminishing critique
slowly become a vanishing man


just remember
one end of the poet's quill
sees into your abyss

the other end
will shut out your eye
free it from its uneven hinges

IMG_0922 4.jpg

No, the poet is not cuckoo
but her ancestors were
so she is well-practiced
in lunacy


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This color blue is simply amazing!
These are great pictures, thanks

Thank you:)

excellent work and photos

Thank you, venziko:)

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