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My Lucky Stars, Incommunicado

Faithfully, I waited for the universe
The higher powers, whatever they may be
To open my true blues wide, wider still
To the heart’s masochistic idiocy

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To show me my ardent passion for him
Was naught but willful, wishful contemplation
Serving biology on overkill
Be fruitful; avoid self-assassination

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A tragically romantic spirit
From the highest height
I took the greatest leap
Jumped without looking
believing I’d soar
Alone …
accomplished not even a wing beat

Now, I lay in a melancholic ooze
Realizing there’ll be no late-breaking portent
My lucky stars, incommunicado
Time to wise up and just take his word for it

It's over



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I 💕 Love this poem just resteemed it to my blog. I really love the ending, very good 😃

I enjoy too... seeing all the lovely pretty flowers you post... 🌹👍

Thanks so much, May:)