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Sow the Tao
Deeply within the heart

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Her fertility will grow throughout
Embracing each organ and limb
Spreading to all you touch

Offering support to future generations
Offering no handhold by which to uproot


Welcome the Tao into your life
Know yourself

See the Tao in your neighbor
There will be no fences

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IMG_9350 2.jpg

See the Tao in the world
There will be no nations
There will be no war

See her in all of creation
There will be no fear

The Tao is rooted in you


IMG_1900 1.jpg

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or what and how I am thinking today

Nature ensures its survival through the tried and true and plentiful production of analogs ... but also sporadic differentiation. New combinations and mutation. Life has not persisted as a miser or with an insistence that everything be or stay the same. Variation and plenty, producing extra, is the Way through the generations. Nothing is ever wasted.

Decay and birth support each other continually. This is the stuff of life.

Human nature however can become tight gripped. Some hoard to the point of theft, fall to the fear of the new and different, to the point of racism, bigotry, and violence. War. Why? Survival of the individual, or an identified in-group, is often a selfish act when there is competition for resources. When it's believed there is not enough to go around. Natural selection has programmed many of us to accumulate a little extra ... a lot extra where some are concerned.

Compassion and kindness beyond the self is infinitely rewarding and sustaining, but its benefits are not obvious to some. Yes ... I know you understand. You meditate and practice kindness like a religion. But the young ... even the grey among them ... don't.

So what's a Taoist to do when she falls to fear and greed?

Remind herself that human nature exists within a larger framework of nature, life, and consciousness. Human nature is contained but also evolving. It can go beyond the self it was yesterday. We can open the mind, silence fearful thoughts, and observe the plenty that exists just about everywhere. Identify with it. Yes, there is plenty everywhere you go. YOU are there.

Nature evolves and produces in ways it did not do before. Always, and so there is always more. The more we support and nurture nature, the more it will produce. Offer. Nurture and support the environment you find yourself in; it will have more ways to nurture and support you.

So go out there and give. Your survival depends on it.


Words and Images are my own. 54 is published in 81, Poems from the Tao. 81, Poems From the Tao is available in paperback or digital through amazon and your local libraries and bookstores. Click on any title below to further explore and support my writing.








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