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RE: The Wisp, Chapter Two, Part Two, Fiction, Reading, Photography, and Digital Art

Hey @Prydefoltz,

Buying your book was a great decision. I read it all the way through and I have left my review for you on Amazon.

I can send you the screenshot of it while it’s still pending to post. Also, I just want to say that you have inspired me with your book and it’s given me the drive to bring out a book I wrote fifteen years ago and finally get it published and printed.

It would be great to talk to you about it a bit more. Can you please send me your email address?
Thanks 😊


Great May. That is wonderful and generous of you. Things get horribly lost in my email box. Here is my Facebook account.

You can DM there.

Just give me a heads up when there is a message and I will look for it:)

Thank you I will do that 😊
I am not on Facebook at the moment!

I am on instagram and twitter too:)

OK super I will check it out 😊

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