Nature around me / The uses of planting trees

Do you know of other things we can do with this plant?


I tried to understand other ways that I could benefit from these plants in my home garden. This is banana 🍌 or plantain as some call them. I planted these economic plant in my home garden last 4 months, but to my greatest surprise, I found out that they’re producing already.

Through my little research about these plant, I noticed that many advanced countries uses this plant for many reasons, but in my own side of the world, this edible plants are known for their fruits.

We’re not yet good in technology, which I believe is the reason why we are not making full use of the great potential in this plant,

Country like China uses this plant for fiber making, they also use it in textile industry.

Please comment below and tell me any other things that one can do with this adorable plant

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