Lobivia pentlandii cristata

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Lobivia pentlandii cristata is one of my new cacti.
Therefore, I was interested to know how many days the flower lasts and whether it has a scent.
The flower lasts 3 days, closing at night and opening in the morning.
A flower without scent, although I persistently wanted to catch it.
Well, I really wanted it to have a scent! :-)))

In nature, Lobivia are found in Argentina, Bolivia, Peru.
The cactus is considered hardy, but it takes effort to bloom.
Lobivia is a very light-loving plant, but it is better to shade it from direct sunlight at lunchtime.
With a lack of lighting, its needles can crumble.
Watering is necessary only after the earthen coma is completely dry.

The photos I were taken with a Lenovo TAB 2 A10-70L tablet

Lobivia pentlandii cristata-40.jpg

Lobivia pentlandii cristata-80.jpg

Lobivia pentlandii cristata-110.jpg



Lobivia pentlandii cristata-60.jpg

Lobivia pentlandii cristata-40 (3).jpg

Lobivia pentlandii cristata-56+.jpg

Lobivia pentlandii cristata-90.jpg

Lobivia pentlandii cristata-40 (2).jpg

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