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RE: I just created the Infowars Community! STEEM community! Now it will synergize with infowars SCOT token, just use #infowars hashtag

in Infowarslast year

Infowars Dapp is live!



Help me build this decentralized network that pays developer sin Infowars tokens, and get rich off the retirement accounts of old Alex Jones listeners who will gladly invest in us when they e4e the good we do and how we will be unstoppable!

We are building a throne for Alex to come sit ion!

i realistically see myself doing a Live show with others, screaming at the camera, while we take in advertiser dollars directly through our streamlabs style tipit system and then we create INFOWARS streaming network using

I need to talk with @dirapa and other @vimm users about how we can do a 24 hr stream and if thats possible

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